Friday, June 4, 2010

You can GET MORE with a Premium Membership for Lifetime

When you begin to learn with the Rocket Program, you are not alone in front of your computer with a simple software installed. You get some audio messages (downloadable). You meet Lin Ping, creator of Rocket Chinese, for the Chinese part and David Lewis for the English part. They are so fun! They explain not only the way to speak good Chinese but also give many precious information about the culture. For example, I learned that there were two ways to tell hello in Chinese. One for friend or relatives, and another one more "formal" and respectful. It became so easy to learn Chinese - Mandarin. And if you need to speak directly to someone, there is for Premium member a Forum open 24/7. You can actually on this forum speak to some teachers or native speakers or simply other members. You can find some tips from others in order to learn faster than ever. You get a LIFETIME membership to the Rocket Chinese Premium course and FREE access to all upgrades and enhancements.

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