Friday, June 4, 2010

Learn Chinese at the speed of a Rocket

Here I make a review about the Rocket Chinese Course.
From Rocket Language Group, this is a course really designed to take you from a novice to an intermediate level in only two months.
I do not pretend to be an expert about learning language but my results from the rocket course are simply fantastic.
It is so good for those who never have enough time. You learn how to speak, read and write Chinese so fast.
In fact, each of the 31 Interactive Audio lessons is based on modern and everyday conversation.
When i started the course, the grammar and the vocabulary was very difficult. But Rocket Chinese had some great solutions. They have software to help you to learn in the fun manner. For example, I learn the vocabulary faster with those games they propose. I also download their audio (mp3 format) on my phone to listen again and again those lessons in my car and practice my Chinese. Chinese have different tones. I can listen and repeat until it become natural.
For to write down in Chinese, I use videos with a step-by-step explanations. It never has been so easy and fast to learn Chinese. Simply click here and try the course!

The best course for learning Chinese anywhere and fast

You find all the course online with Rocket Chinese. You learn at your own pace. With all the different level in the program, you can organize your time. You can spend more time on difficult series or just go through an easier lessons. You can learn at anytime of the day, everywhere in the world. All what you need for learning Chinese is available online. And if you cannot be online or in front of your computer with internet, you can actually download your courses in your mobile phone and continue to practice. Listening to this high quality audio help you to build day after day your Chinese vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Chinese words and phrases. The Audio material boost your Chinese - speaking.
You learn how to communicate in Chinese in everyday situations: introduce yourself for business or relatives (yes! there is a difference), in a restaurant, on the phone, at the airport, in a taxi, at a hotel, etc. Of course, you will not learn all in one week. But certainly in two months, you will not be anymore a newbie about Chinese. You reach the intermediate level after only two months - speaking, reading and writing. You can try by clicking here.

You can GET MORE with a Premium Membership for Lifetime

When you begin to learn with the Rocket Program, you are not alone in front of your computer with a simple software installed. You get some audio messages (downloadable). You meet Lin Ping, creator of Rocket Chinese, for the Chinese part and David Lewis for the English part. They are so fun! They explain not only the way to speak good Chinese but also give many precious information about the culture. For example, I learned that there were two ways to tell hello in Chinese. One for friend or relatives, and another one more "formal" and respectful. It became so easy to learn Chinese - Mandarin. And if you need to speak directly to someone, there is for Premium member a Forum open 24/7. You can actually on this forum speak to some teachers or native speakers or simply other members. You can find some tips from others in order to learn faster than ever. You get a LIFETIME membership to the Rocket Chinese Premium course and FREE access to all upgrades and enhancements.

Learn Chinese for free in 6 days

All is in the title. You can get actually not only one lesson but SIX - Totally Free Lessons. They didn't ask any credit card information. You just need to subscribe and give it a try. You get just after your subscription and you can get your six courses daily from Chinese Rocket by email. You can already begin to learn how to speak Chinese with their Audio. Those lessons are really giving away. It’s really worth to have a try. In any Learning Chinese Program online or in the real life, you can't find this kind of offers. Chinese Rocket goes again more far by giving these audio downloadable in MP3 for FREE. With the MP3 course, you can learn it at anytime you want.
Personally, I have tried the free content. It was so great, fun and easy to learn that I became a Premium member for only $99,95 with a Free Bonus. This is actually a special price for a limited time only. Once you became a premium member, all is available for you online and all is downloadable. The instructions are so easy that they also help you to download something if you do not know. It is so easy that in 5 minutes, you can actually already begin to learn Chinese.
Do not forget! You get a 60 day money back guarantee. You can cancel your payment at anytime. Chinese Rocket Program is really worthy, easy and fast. And you may begin to learn Chinese with your friends, it’s more motive and effective. You can click here and try the free courses now.